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Website Development

In recent years, the Internet has become an indispensable tool for the dissemination of brands and products. We have experienced professionals in design, usability, search engines optimization and programming to offer our customers the best product. Next, see the website services we offer:

Project definition

The project begins with a study to define the scope. This study must relate the website features to be developed.

Prototype of content and usability or Wireframes

Depending on the project, it is developed a prototype for approval of the positioning and arrangement of the content. At this stage we take the first decisions about the usability and accessibility.


A graphic designer must harmoniously hold together aesthetics and usability in his work. Design is important for the product success because it interferes, for exemple, in the average time a user stays on the pages. It aggregates other values that are best expressed visually, such as the identity of the company.

Front-end coding

We follow the best practices and web standards (regulated by the W3C) in all our projects. The page structure is coded in XHTML language, its appearence is configured through CSS and the page behavior is written in JavaScript language. Depending on the feature, we develop it in Flash / ActionScript.

Accessibility adaptation for people with disabilities

It is the usage of techniques for the perfect integration of the website with accessibility tools and softwares, such as screen readers.

Search engine optimization

It consists of facilitate the website reading by search engines, improving indexing. This service has become extremely important in recent years because of its surprising results.


We have experts in various programming languages. The choice of the appropriate programming language depends on the customer need.

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