Open Switch

Telefone: (11) 3567-1777

Telecom Product Development

The Open Switch engineers have over 20 years of experience in development of telecommunications products. These professionals were responsible for the development and implementation of three generations of collectors to switches in Brazil.

If you did not found the solution you need at our product line, talk to us about the possibility of developing it.

We develop hardware and software solutions based on the following concepts:

Data conversion

We develop devices that perform the conversion of data between different systems and interfaces.

Data transmission

There are different types of data transmission over the network. The choice of transmission type is constrained by several factors, such as the interface and the safety rules of the environment.

Data collection

We develop portable equipments that collect data to use it on a specific system, such as control of consumption, inventory control and reporting in general.


Appliance is any equipment designed with all the necessary mechanisms for carrying out its function in a system. There must be software and hardware installed and configured, ready to perform a specific function.


Emulate is perform the role of a certain environment to enable the implementation of other features on it. In telecommunications, it is possible to use an appliance to take the place of a tape drive, for example.

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