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Sebo do Messias Case


Sebo do Messias

Sebo do Messias is a second-hand bookstore located in the downtown Sao Paulo. It has turned over the biggest and most popular second-hand bookstore in Brazil. The sale by the Internet was launched in June 2007. In the following year, Open Switch has started the website reformulation, and quickly has reached some excellent results. Till today, the good relationship and results allowed the frequent operation of Open Switch next to Sebo do Messias.


  • Increase product sales in the website


  • Improve the website positioning in search engines
  • Make the site more friendly to the user
  • Decrease the page access time in the website


  • Adapt the site code to be better indexed by search engines
  • Dynamically insert meta tags on every page
  • Renewing the visual identity
  • Restructure / improve the site usability
  • Changing the site structure to highlight the products
  • Study of critical points of the system for improvement in the performance


  • Increase of 75% in product sales in the period of 1 year
  • Increase of 400% in the number of hits
  • First page positioning in search engines results

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